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Discover the magic of Guatemala! We invite you to explore our country's natural wonders, from majestic volcanoes to ancient Mayan ruins. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, sample delicious cuisine, and experience the warmth of our people. An unforgettable adventure awaits you around every corner!

  • Pacaya Volcano: Venture on an exciting hike to the active Pacaya Volcano and marvel at the panoramic views and moving lava.
  • Antigua Guatemala: Explore the historic colonial city of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its stunning architecture and charming atmosphere.
  • Lake Atitlán: Discover the serenity of picturesque Lake Atitlán, surrounded by volcanoes and indigenous villages, perfect for water activities and relaxation.
  • Tikal Ruins: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the ancient Mayan civilization by exploring the impressive ruins of Tikal, a fascinating archaeological site.
  • Monterrico Natural Reserve: Visit the Monterrico Natural Reserve, home to sea turtles and an impressive variety of birds, ideal for nature lovers.


Location in Waze

  • Address:  Aldea La Candelaria, Callejón El Castillo, Kilómetro ciento treinta y nueve punto dos (139.2), camino a Monterrico, Taxisco, Guatemala
  • Phone:  +502 3045 2212